Gienem Dairy Professional

Gienem Dairy Professional 1.1.0500

Gienem Dairy is a powerful and easy to use tool that simplifies...

Gienem Dairy is a powerful and easy to use tool that simplifies management and record keeping for today`s dairy farmer. Research has shown that dairy farmers need quality data to make informed decisions.

Quality data can only be made available from proper records kept over time. Gienem Dairy makes this possible. Not only does Gienem Dairy maintain records for your Dairy farm, the system also summarizes that data to provide very important statistical and historical data.

These powerful features would be useless if you cannot use the system. We have put a lot of effort to develop and offer you a system that is easy to use.

Gienem Dairy is a fully graphical system that can be used by anyone. We take pride in offering a system that can be used by any computer novice.

If in that very rare occasion you get stuck, we are always pleased and ready to support you. Why spend a lot of money on a big system with features you will never need?

Gienem Dairy comes in different versions to accommodate your farm size and needs, i. e. , Standard, Professional or Enterprise versions. Their different features are explained below.

Gienem Dairy offers a wide range of dairy cattle management tools and reporting capabilities, tailored in a user friendly fashion. At a glance, this system offers;1.

Support for multiple dairy cattle herds without the need for additional licenses. By using different databases for each herd, the system can support an unlimited number of dairy cattle herds.

2. Multi-user support. This feature allows several users to connect to the same backend database simultaneously. The maximum number of simultaneous users depends on the version purchased.

3. Support for a large number of dairy cattle depending on the version purchased. This allows you to grow your herd without worry of additional licenses.

4. Computerized Dairy livestock cards. 5. Herd Inventory in different formats; ? Inventory showing the number of cows in your herd, breaking down the numbers depending on the cow`s state e.

g. number of calvings, mode of acquisition, heifers, reproduction status, etc. ? Inventory showing several different lists of the cattle in your herd e.

g. a list including some additional information about each cow, a list depending on status, a list depending on number of calvings and a list displaying the cow`s due date for dry-off.

? Inventory showing a list of all the livestock, including very detailed information about each cow. 6. Dairy cattle reproduction management. This includes Breeding management, Sire management, ET Management and Genetics.

7. Dairy cattle production management where you can record your livestock`s milk, fat and protein production. 8. Dairy cattle health management where you can track the herd Illnesses Vaccinations.

9. Reports. This is one of the strongest features of this system where at a click of a button you can view a wide range of reports, most of which are customizable.

The reports available are;a. Inventories ? Herd Inventory ? Livestock List ? Livestock List according to status ? Livestock List according to calving count ?

Livestock List ? Due for Dry-Off ? Livestock Report (Detailed)b. Reproduction Reports ? Herd Servicing Statistics ? Livestock Servicing Statistics ?

Sire Servicing Statistics ? Herd Average Gestation Period ? Herd Number of Calvings/Year ? Herd Average Calving Range/Year ? Sire Usage/Month ? ET Statistics ?

Embryo Statistics ? ET Number of Calvings/Yearc. Production Reports ? Daily Production ? Weekly/Monthly Production ? Livestock Production Graph ? Herd Daily Production Graph ?

Lactation Production Graph ? Weekly Production Predictions ? Monthly Production Predictionsd. Other Reports (available within the System Management Tools) ?

Livestock Cards ? Reproduction Management Reports ? ET Management Reports ? Production Reports (Exportable to. xls or. txt formats) ? Health Management ReportsThe s.

Gienem Dairy Professional


Gienem Dairy Professional 1.1.0500